online video conversion(flv conversion) using development) – borania siddharth

Audio and Video files are becoming important part of web sites, now a days.

Many social networking and job portal sites are built to offer audio/video upload and play functionality.

These videos are then played in client’s browsers.

Playing video in client’s machine is preferred with FLV format rather than any other(like .wmv).

And same technology is applied for audio playing.

and as there is different format files may be uploaded by user, always there is question to weather restricting users for ONLY uploading FLV files or giving them FLEXIBILITY to upload file in their desired(available) format, and online convert it into FLV.

So, here i have present small code snippet, to outline how FLEXIBILITY may be given to user for uploading any audio/video format, and same time its playable by website.

string strinp;
strinp = Server.MapPath(“~/test1.wmv”).ToString();

string strop;
strop = Server.MapPath(“~/test2.flv”);

Process p;
ProcessStartInfo info = new ProcessStartInfo(Server.MapPath(“~/ffmpeg.exe”));

info.Arguments = “-i \”” + strinp + “\” \”” + strop + “\””;

p = Process.Start(info);
catch (Exception ex)
//catch error here

Any Suggestions are welcome.

-By Siddharth Borania from Dhanashree Incorporation