SEO tips-website seo pagerank guide by borania siddharth

1. Url Rewriting :

As search engines are giving priority to url of a page when searched by keyword. So if your website have pages with descriptive URL, then it will be good for SEO.

2. H1, H2, H3 Tags in Site

Use of header tags will enable search engine to list your page for specific keyword or phrase.
And for better result, use only one H1 tag per page.

Use h1 tag for page heading, and h2, h3 for sub headings.

3. Specify Metadata
Use appropriate, and targeted keywords in Meta title, it will guide search engine, for which keywords your site should be listed.

Keep in mind that Meta description and Meta keywords are also important for making seo friendly website.

Rather than using same keyword always use synonyms in Meta title, and keywords.

4. Generate Sitemap File

XML sitemaps are key concept to instructing search engines the page structure of your website, and how often page content is updated, and when new content is added to the site.
To ensure auto discovery of your sitemap from all search engines, add this line to your website’s robots.txt file:
Submit sitemap file in search engines as well for index your web sites pages.

5. Used Inbound links to website:

Inbound links are a great way to improve your page rank. Having some inbound links to your site will help a lot to improve page rank.
Inbound links from sites similar to your own are important as well.
If possible set inbound links from reputed sites (.edu and .gov domains are having high priority in search engine)

6. Submit your website in Business Directories:

As a Part of Web Promotion strategy, your website should be submitted in popular business directories like DMOZ, hotfrog, yellow pages.
Ensure that your submit website in relevant and targeted category, to quickly found by end user.

7. Add ‘Alt’ and ‘Title’ attribute to image and anchor tags respectively:

ALT and TITLE attributes boost both promotion efforts and your site’s accessibility, and they are a useful optimization tool because the Search Engine Spiders love the keywords.
The TITLE attribute displays on mouseover, while the ALT attribute displays for images if the images are turned off by visitor’s browser.
Adding this attribute will improve your website’s prof