Sticky Div, Area that remains at top on scroll of page

If you want your site header or  menu or other section(div) to remain at top of page when user scrolls a page. You can try with following jquery code.

It will not workin in IE. So first flag need check if browser is IE or not.

if (!IsIE) {
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
function SomeScrollResponder() {
var tmpScroll = $(window).scrollTop();

//when page scrolls 100 px then following  code will run
if (parseInt(tmpScroll) > 100) {
jQuery(“#divTop”).css(“position”, “absolute”);
jQuery(“#divTop”).css(“top”, (parseInt(tmpScroll) – 1) + “px”);  //-1 will hide top border
jQuery(“#divTop”).css(“width”, (parseInt($(document).width()) – 60) + “px”);

else {
jQuery(“#divTop”).css(“position”, “relative”);
jQuery(“#divTop”).css(“top”, “0px”);

In above example “divTop” is a div that will display at top, overlapping on page.



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